Pastor Dutch Sheets
Excellent World Leader for Spiritual War and Intercessory Prayer

Pastor Dutch Sheets is the author of 『Intercessory Prayer – How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth』.  He is a worldwide preacher equipping the body of Christ for intercessory prayer and revival. With strategic spiritual war and prophetic intercessory prayer, he changed dark city Colorado Springs to Christian mission center. He wrote more than 20 books including 『The Beginner’s Guide to Intercessory Prayer』, 『Watchman Prayer』 and other strongly influential books and is well known for prophetic intercessory prayer.  http://www.dutchsheets.org


Pastor Cindy Jacobs
Prophetess for Restoration of Nations

As founder of Generals International, Cindy Jacobs is serving prophetic ministry for the White House and many nations and generations. Her ministry is God’s prophetic vessel for stirring up repentance, healing and revival. Currently she is ministering through TV network in Russia, Canada, Spain, and even in the Middle East. She authored 『Possessing the Gates of the Enemy』which can be referred as textbook of strategic intercessory prayer, and『The Voice of God』, 『The Reformation Manifesto』, 『The Power of Persistent Prayer』and more books. http://www.generals.org/home


Pastor Chuck Pierce
Prophet Declaring God’s Timing and Season

He serves as president of Glory of Zion International Ministries and leads intercessory and movement of prayer for the nations with acknowledgement of God’s timing and season. With his prophetic insight discerning God’s timing and season, people learn about God’s calling for the nations, city, church, and individual life. He wrote『God’s Now Time for Your Life』, 『Reordering Your Day』, 『The Future War of the Church』, 『The Worship Warrior』and more books.   http://www.gloryofzion.org


Pastor Barbara Yoder
Prophetic Intercessory Prayer

Barbara J. Yoder is the lead apostle and founding pastor of Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center, a racially and culturally diverse church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She serves on several boards of ministry nationally. Barbara leads Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network (BAMN) a network of pastors, ministry leaders and marketplace leaders. She travels extensively as a national and international speaker, ministering at various conferences and churches. Barbara has a passion to see the apostolic centers restored (Acts 15:16-17) which will cause a harvest to erupt in cities, regions, and nations, and will enable the Kingdom of God to manifest in every sector of society. She is known for her cutting edge apostolic breakthrough anointing infused with prophetic revelation. Prior to the ministry, Barbara worked in academia. She is the author of 5 books, has contributed to the Women of Destiny Bible and has been featured on the cover of Charisma magazine as one of the most influential women leaders in the church today. http://www.shekinahchurch.org